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CV Media Inti Teknologi (Go- Media Inti Teknologi/gomit.id is a company engaged in the fields of information technology development, journal publisher,training, and procurement of goods and services in the digital sector. CV Media Inti Teknologi (gomit.id) is located in Bengkulu City, Indonesia.


Our Tutorial Portal dan Journal.

Work Area

Commit in open access publishing, CV Media Inti Teknologi (Gomit.id) provides a wide range of services to journals, authors, scientific communities, and institutions alike
1. Author Service
Linguistic editing by native speakers, Plagiarism check via Turnitin, Publication in PDF Service
We are always keen to discuss new publishing projects. If you wish to publish an article, please visit the Browse Journals page and select a journal. If you wish to publish a journal, conference proceedings or a book, please contact us via the Publishing Inquiry form or email us at: publishing@gomit.id

2. Service of Journal
All (CV Media Inti Teknologi) Gomit journals are hosted on the Open Journal System (OJS) Publishing Platform, which provides a one-stop, end-to-end solution, from submission to publication and distribution, along with a set of human-provided services to choose from. 
Journal owners, editors, and authors will benefit from having all software tools and key services in one place.
Website Design and Setup, Production, Layout and Proofreading, Submission and Peer Review System, Managing Editor’s Service, Publication of Article Service.

If you would like to publish your journal with Pandawa Institute, please send us an inquiry via the Journal Publishing Inquiry forms or contact us at publishing@gomit.id

Society and institutional journals may also consult our Frequently Asked Questions for more information on how to transition to advanced open access publishing.

E-learning, distance learning, multimedia, flipped learning, cloud computing, virtual museums, mental mapping, open-source online courses, MOOCs, 3D virtual learning environments, digital storytelling and other concepts related to technological developments in education

Multimodal Literacy refers to meaning-making that occurs through the reading, viewing, understanding, responding to and producing and interacting with multimedia and digital texts. 

five major reasons why ethical issues in online teaching are relevant include accreditation and compliance issues, the quality of the teaching and learning experience, equity in educational outcomes, student privacy concerns, and inclusivity issues

We organize various training activities such as digital marketing training and other ICT training.

Our CV serves the procurement of goods and services related to the use of digital technology, both software and hardware

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Commit in open access publishing, CV Media Inti Teknologi (Gomit.id) provides a wide range of services to journals, authors, scientific communities, and institutions alike

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